Ortho Mattress // Find Your Perfect Mattress Quiz

UX / UI / Visual Design / Illustration

UX / UI / Visual Design / Illustration


Business Goal

Create an online tool to connect consumers with the best product for their specific needs.


The “Mattress Finder” tool is an online quiz that allows consumers to answer a series of questions based on their sleep habits and behaviors. Users are then brought to a results page with products that match their needs, based on the answers to each of the questions. The questions are based on the in-store experience with a salesperson a.k.a. ‘sleep specialists’. This tool helps give users a better at-home experience when shopping for the best mattress that suits their needs.


After 6 weeks, the mattress finder tool experienced 1000 engagements. Of the 1000 users, 78% of them successfully completed the quiz and reviewed their results. Unfortunately, conversions were not able to be tracked at this time, however the goal of this project was met and determined a success.


Illustration, Sketching, Wire-framing, UX, UI, Design

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