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Logo / Branding

Logo & Branding

Cali Coffee, a drive-through and walk-up coffee shop established in 2018, located in Hollywood, Florida. Owners Craig Avera and Rose White met while working in the fitness industry in California and wanted to bring that same California-vibe to Florida when they opened their shop. I worked closely with Craig to find the right balance of West coast positivity, lifestyle, and beauty.


Drafts & Concepts

I worked through 3-4 versions of logos based on his direction and feedback. Ultimately, we decided on the icon for the logo and then the font for Cali Coffee. The color palette was very much influenced by the beach, signifying sun, sand, and waves. Below are some of the alternate versions and drafts during the design process.

Artboard 1 copy.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg