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Gift Card Order Process

The Project:
The task is to create a more engaging user experience in the gift card order process. Gift cards are a guaranteed revenue source and typically go unused by the receiver! From a business perspective, refining the gift card order process to make it easier and engaging is smart.

The Solution:
The gift card order process that I designed allows the user to first choose whether they would like a printed gift card, or an ecard. Both processes are very similar, however distinguished by this first step. Each step of the process encompasses the entire browser window, allowing each step to be followed in a very specific order. As the user completes a step, the screen scrolls down to the next step automatically, allowing users to go back to a previous step, but not able to skip ahead to the next without making a selection.

Following the 1st choice, users then are guided to select an amount. By offering fixed amounts, users are more inclined to round their choice to the nearest selection (based on what they would like to spend). The buttons make each of these choices more attractive to click, rather than entering a custom amount (however, that is still an option). If the user selected an ecard, they are then prompted to select the delivery date. Using a visual calendar gives users a clear view of the date and day on which they choose to deliver the gift card. Like the previous step, users make their selection with a simple click (rather than a click, dropdown, scroll, click).

The final step is entering the recipient information, and payment. To promote engagement, and a one-session experience, payment options are within this page and process. Users are able to enter their credit card info, review their order, and submit their payment in one continuous session on this page. If a user will be shopping further or already has items in their cart, they may enter their payment information, add the gift card to their cart, and have everything in place once they go to their cart for final checkout.

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