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Custom Login

Trade Services is a program within tailored towards interior designers and contractors. As a member of Trade Services, users enjoy perks such as access to exclusive products, a dedicated account manager, a project management tool, additional discounts, and networking opportunities. The program allows members to shop on,, and with a shared cart among the 4 brands.

The Project:

To create a login section accessible from each brand, that is cohesive and clear as well as its own branded identity for Trade Services. Previously, the login section lived on a page within each specific brand (4 total).

The Solution:

To create a branded, 1 page, cohesive experience throughout the login process. After each step is completed, the next is triggered to appear. The entire process is transparent, and the user is aware of each step before even completing the sign in process. Because this can get intricate, I wanted it to appear digestible and attainable in once sitting. The branded identity is not like any on the other sites this section was previously living on, giving it a clear visual cue. From here, it’s time to start shopping, guiding users to pick a site to do just that.

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  • Skills:
  • UX Design
  • Brand Identity
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