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Checkout Flow

Trade Services is a program within tailored towards interior designers and contractors. As a member of Trade Services, users enjoy perks such as access to exclusive products, a dedicated account manager, a project management tool, additional discounts, and networking opportunities. The program allows members to shop on,, and with a shared cart among the 4 brands.

The Project:

Create a checkout flow unifying 4 brands into a cohesive experience.

The Solution:

The checkout process is branded for Trade Services, unifying the look and feel of the process while merging 4 brands together. Through placement of fields, information, and a consistent order summary, users are able to move along through the checkout process smoothly and effectively. The review page allows users to see their purchases, along with which brand they were shopping from. The pagination at the top is clear, and gives users a way to see where they are in the checkout process.

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  • Skills:
  • UX Design
  • Brand Identity
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